vol / fullNatural Dyes, New Methods

4-day workshop with Elin Noble (USA)

In the first part of this class, each participant will use natural dye extracts to construct a color library. This color library will be created using three mordants (and mixtures of them) and a broad palette of dyes (including a.o. cochineal, pomegranate, Himalayan rhubarb, weld, and madder). This will become a reference library for future projects.

The second part of the class introduces polychromatic dyeing. Prior to dyeing we will apply mordants to cloth through shibori, hand application, and printing techniques, including discharge and overprinting. In a one-color dye bath we will attain multiple colors and patterns, depending on the mordant mixtures and where and how they have been applied. We will also hand-paint a range of dyes onto the mordanted cloth, thereby achieving an even wider range of colors, shapes and spaces. 

We will also explore a method of painting and printing using mordanted dyes on un-mordanted cloth. The dyes and mordants are mixed together making a dye paint to apply directly to the cloth using the same shibori, hand application, and printing techniques. The process is direct and the results dynamic.
This workshop is for advanced level only -
esp for those who took the workshop(s) of Michel Garcia in the past at my studio.
Number of Participants: 8 - 10.

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list of materials to bring will follow at a later date

there will be a labfee (for dyes, chemicals and thickeners)