vol / fullNew Ideas from Old Materials

2-daagse workshop o.l.v. Cas Holmes

Textiles have a rich tradition of creating beautiful artworks from the recycling of materials, from outgrown and outlived clothing and fabric remnants. This workshop looks at aspects of 'green thinking' and the 'Use of the Found' as a means to stimulating creativity - not just by recycling old fabric or vintage fabric, but by completely altering it through a variety of experimental techniques exploring the character and qualities of textiles and paper as a surface for working. We explore low water immersion dye methods into stitched and non stitched fabric'. These are then stitched and pieced using machine stitch, straight stitch and Kantha to create 'new works' from unconventional old and vintage materials.  The resulting samples could form am insert for a cushion, garment or be developed into an art piece.

What Students will achieve:
An understanding of the qualities of found materials as a resource for dye and mark making for direct use in textiles. Creative exploration which could be used as a starting point student’ own practice for textile based work and mixed media, collage, stitching, 3-D,  or sculptural work.

Student preparation:
As you work through the course you may chose to make reference from personal images or ideas looking at surfaces of walls, marks in the land etc using materials you have collected for inspiration. Bring one or two images of previous work

Course Plan:
Day One: Introduction to the course. Swapover textile game. Using fragments of vintage or 'old' fabrics, we will swap fabrics over and trial their properties in dye baths groups.

Day Two :More focus on using stitch, you can use hand or machine stitch. We will close with a review looking at ways of working with the textiles. (joining pieces together, patchwork, stitch as a mark, building towards your own developments.. A focus on straight stitch and Kantha.


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Students need to bring to the workshop:

Materials: All this should fit in one bag!!

Piece of cotton/calico no more than a 50-100cm square to be cut up and used if desired as a base and for dyeing (an old cotton sheet/tablecloth ideal)Natural fabrics in neutral colours such as cottons, linens, canvas, calico include fabrics which have stitched or textured surfaces such as fragments of old quilts, clothing, course woven canvas.
Small selection of fabric: assorted patterned and printed fabrics. These will need to be washed if new.

Small sketchbook/notebook/camera.
Two - three pieces of A3 cartidge or watercolour paper.

Several jars or containers for dye mixing, rubber gloves, apron, masking tape, paper towels(kitchen paper) 

Wax crayons, waterproof pen, newspaper

Basic sewing equipment: scissors, needles, assorted threads of your choice,pins.

Optional: bring your own Sewing Machine


There may be other materials you like to use such as iron on vilene /interfacing etc to re-inforce the paper. You are welcome to use these materials to supplement the above list but not essential.

Please note: this workshop is based on using and responding to the materials you have to hand.

This workshop can be taken separately or as a linked workshop with the previous one.