Origami Shawl - Sculptural Scarf

workshop with. Dr Tine De Ruysser

Using a paper pattern, textile will be pleated under the heat press. It can then be decorated with transfer paint, foils and flock to create patterns in different colours and textures.

We will make samples, and aim to make a finished scarf in which a subtle shadow play or bold graphic colour pattern brings out the 3D pleated shapes. 

We start the day with investigating suitable folding patterns. Tine will demonstrate the possibilities, and the participants develop their own shape. One pattern per participant is adapted to pleat textiles.  The techniques of transfer printing, foils and flock are demonstrated, and participants can use them on their work.

This class gives you a technical base. You can spend the day experimenting, or work towards a finished scarf.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

Materials to bring:

Paper knife (preferably with a long blade) Ruler Paper scissors Fabric scissors Baking paper (to protect the heat press)

Polyester fabrics – to be cut into strips of max. 30 cm wide and 2 meters long. Light/thin fabrics that crease easily work best. Light colours can be colour printed, this is not possible with dark ones.  Velvet and heavy fabrics are not suitable.

Transfer dye* Foils and flock* (are available for sale at Zijdelings in a range of colours, and can be used on all colours of fabrics)

Optionally: Cutting iron for the fabric (a soldering iron with fine point works too) Cutting mat 

*) During the class, transparent, thin, white polyester and transfer dye, foils and flock can be bought. A few textile soldering irons will be for sale too.

We provide the paper for folding (this will be charged as a lab fee).

NOTE: Participants that are familiar with transfer printing can prepare the printing paper at home.