vol / fullScreenprinting class with Daniel Henry

Giving Soul to Textiles through Coatings (3-days)

This 3-day screenprinting class is about the following:

How to change the hand and the look of a textile with finishings and embellishments, printing with polymers and glues (water based pastes only), playing with the mesh of the screen, from flat to micro 3D printing customizing the paste to create unique textures.

Prerequisites     :   willingness to experiment, discover and explore, curious, open-minded.  The participants MUST have the basic knowledge of screenprinting and can be novice in coatings.
The goal of the workshop is to  sample / no finished product will be created

First day
workshop introduction : looking at samples and photos explanations of pastes and different types of screens looking at the grounds everyone brought

apprenticeship     :  - demos and group trials of coatings combined with the heatpress (aspects : satinized, glossy, metallic, flocked) Daniel will be showing the basic way but also some personal twists - demos and group trials of coatings without heatpressing (aspects : super matte and super glossy) - demos of making pastes more special by adding dry extracts (powders) in the pastes to create special textures - demos and group trials with different types of screens

Second day
apprenticeship     :  - printing on difficult grounds (for example transparent, chiffon, tulle, lace or very textured fabrics, velvet, grainy linen, fur or pleated) - how to print very superficial or very deep - combining coatings with physical manipulations such as brushing, emerizing or crushing - micro 3D printing -bonding 2 fabrics together with printed glue or double sided web

Third day
free technical deepening and combinations of techniques


Inschrijven niet mogelijk

Participants - pls bring the following:

collecting diverse textiles or garments (grounds for printing)
select what interest you :
– heavy / light, dense / loose, plain / printed, smooth / textured, naturals / synthetics, woven / knitted, matte / shiny, etc. – velvet, satin, lace, net, non-woven, openwork, fur, sheer, felt, etc.
– fabrics with designs : stripes, checks, wax, flowers, animal prints, etc.

This list is only to open the mind to a maximum of possibilities. Bring what you have, what you like, also what you don't like :-) the goal is not to spend money... But please bring very diverse and opposite things

If you have stencils that you like, bring them. 
Daniel will bring blank screens but also his own diverse type of screens,
with diverse designs (geometric, organic, flower, animal, textures, etc.
so no need to bring screens.

We (Daniel and Karina) will take care of the basic materials such as:
metallic foils, flock sheets, coatings and glues, dry extracts.
For this a labfee needs to be paid (NOT YET KNOWN)