Skins, Skeletons, Knots and Nets

3D Textile Constructions with Mo Kelman(USA)

In this experimental workshop participants will learn methods for building skeletal structures with rigid and semi-rigid materials such as reed, rattan, bamboo, wood, wire, and found materials.  Techniques will include lashing, chaotic plaiting, wire construction and tube connecting. Next, we will build skins onto these structures using net-making techniques, ready-made nets, knotting, elastic fabrics, gut, wax and stiffeners.  

Participants will produce a series of experimental samples that will become prototypes for future studio work.  Students will be challenged with a variety of construction and problem-solving exercises that will lead to a final sculptural project. Exploration is encouraged! 

PowerPoint presentations will provide inspiration and background on artists, designers and architects who utilize a skin and skeleton approach. Appropriate for students with all levels of experience.


This class is an alternate version of Skins and Skeletons to provide new challenges for students who have already studied with Mo.  Some of the basics are repeated (methods for building skeletal structures), along with one new method for building skeletons.  She also offers new techniques for creating “skins” on the structures.  And continue to include hog casings, as they pair very well with the new methods.



list of materials to bring will follow

there will be a labfee for materials used (provided by Mo or by Zijdelings)