The Flower Brooch

o.l.v. Jill Flower (UK)


An experimental textile workshop led by Jill FLower.

During this class you will complete a 'flower brooch' in a day.....if not two!

It is a new and contemporary way of using old magazines, deconstructing and reconstructing the papers and producing a piece of wearable art, in short: Creative Recycling.

They all develop differently, different shapes, colours and patterns. Some bold and solid, others delicate and dainty; Embellished and decorated with sequins, baubles and beads.

Every brooch is completely personal and unique.

Students are requested to seek out unusual papers or magazines with favourite colours or subjects. A wide variety of papers are succesful for this project. Fabrics and ribbons can be introduced to the design, if the student wishes but can be made entirely from paper.

The work is machine stitched using either automatic stitching or 'free'machining. Once the work is fully connected the piece is washed and dried: the embellishment is the last step.

As said before, the project takes a day to complete. Most students tend to finish one brooch and have another strip of fabric to complete later at home.

A sewing machine is required and basic knowledge of the machine.

a small requirement list can be found below.

Individual starter packs will be supplied by the tutor with the products and brooch backings to complete the project. 

Maximum number of participants: 15


Pls bring the following:

Sewing machine & instruction book

Sewing machine needles and threads

Usual sewing equipment such as........ scissors, needles,

Small assortment of ribbons/ snippets of fabric

Small beads/buttons /sequins

Beading needle

Couple of larger beads for the centre of the brooch

Masking tape

Paper scissors

One reel of strong thread

Cutting mat + exacto knife + ruler

Small selection of magazines - paper

(When selecting the papers/fabrics/beads bits & bobs for the brooch.......

consider your favourite colour and /or pattern or even images relating to a current project.)

Jill will be providing a starter pack with instructions, brooch fixings  and products to complete the project.
costs are not included and need to be paid in cash to the tutor.

This class can be taken separately as a 1-day class or combined with the Paper Lace Workshop