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Encaustic workshop with Dietlind Vander Schaaf

This is a three-day encaustic workshop designed to offer participants a deeper understanding of how to create paintings that suggest depth and dimension. An emphasis will be placed on composition and expressing meaning through an exploration of accumulating marks, drawings, and the creation of translucent layers. Students will also work with real and artificial metallic leaf and foil, iridescent pigment sticks and paint, and incorporate small metal objects into wax to create paintings that shimmer and reflect light. There will be plenty of time to explore and develop your visual vocabulary on larger or multiple panels.  


Inschrijven niet mogelijk

This workshop is based on working together, sharing plates
(2persons per hot R&F palette)

Pls bring the following:

*heat gun (max.300 Watt !)**
*torch with butane**
*HAKE brushes in different sizes (1", 2" and 3")**
*tape for taping the sides of your panels and for getting clean lines on the surface of paintings
*some tools for carving, e.g.pottery tools like a potter's needle or dental tools *pottery looping tools for trimming the sides of work or carving lines and circles in your work
*small metal objects such as nails, rust, metal guitar strings, etc.to embed (nothing too heavy)
*anything that makes a pattern (e.g. netting)
*panels of various sizes (not bigger than 16" x 16")**
*palette cups** for encaustic medium and for melting paint
*a roll of wax paper
*a metal spoon for burnishing
*a roll of kitchenpaper or paper towels
*real gold or silver and artificial metallic leaf and foil**

the class will be sponsored by R&F handmade paints !
But pls bring also your own R&F coloured wax paints and paintsticks

**) these items are for sale during class.