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1-dags workshop o.l.v. Cas Holmes (UK)

This one day workshop is an introduction to basic methods of recording ideas for inspiration from your 'locality'. Referring to the buildings and landscape of the local environment, the outcome will be development and research work in a simple folding 'sketch or sample sketchbook’. Working with found materials develop an individual approach to recording, drawing, collage. 

What students will achieve:
The starting point for a simple sketch-journal started reflecting your own journey or ‘take on the world’ and interest. This collage approach is a means for students to achieve great confidence in  composition, colour, design and their own drawing and mark making skills in an imaginative way.

Student preparation:
Select images, photocopies and details of old work, textures of interest to work with. This could be on any theme from the local townscape or landscape, nature, the world around us.

Plan for the day:
Walking the local area near the workshop to make drawings in our papers
Cutting and preparing collage, markmaking with stitch (machine/hand)
Making a narrative, drawing a line and adding collage.
Discussion; further developments. Why keep a sketchbook. Its use as a personal record and for development

The workshop can be taken seperately but is linked with the following 2-day workshop Urban Nature.

All of Cas Holmes' courses encourage individual development as well as group teaching and exchange of ideas. Please feel free to work from personal images, ideas and other materials you have collected for inspiration. The remit is inventive use of materials. This is intended as a guide but feel free to bring any favoured media you like to work with and be prepared to swap and exchange some items.

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What Students need to bring to the workshop.

Good quality drawing or watercolour paper. At least two large sheets. Please have about 110-140 gsm paper weight, lighter paper not good enough quality. (you can use existing papers whatever the scale if they already have them).
A small quantity of 
p.v.a. glue or pritt stick.
Craft knife
Colouring materials (wax crayons/pencils/pens/watercolour pencils or paints, inks...whatever you have)

For Collage:
A selection of the following papers: tissue include white tissue, magazines, 
hand made-paper etc. extra white paper, photocopy paper fine. A small amount of lightweight coloured fabric scraps selection of images (some will be cut up). Needle and some threads.

Sewing machine if you are able to manage it. (Not essential)

Notebook and camera/tablet. Aprons and plastic gloves

Ideally, this class can be taken with the following 2-day course:
URBAN NATURE: Explore Cloth, Collage, Mark & Stitch.