Wool & Wax: Inside Out !!!

3-daagse encaustic workshop o.l.v. Susan Lasch Krevitt(USA)

In this 3-Day Workshop you’ll learn techniques for creating 2-D and 3-D artwork using encaustic and wool. Upcycled clothing, new yarns, unspun wool and industrial felt will be used. We’ll cut, fold, wrinkle, pierce, stretch and weave with these materials to unlock their hidden secrets of structure. Elements will be created for use on and off panel. Smooth and textured surfaces will be explored. Alternative hanging solutions for sculptural wall hung work will be presented.

This class is open to anyone with basic encaustic skills. Bring your curiosity!

All images / work are from Susan Lasch Krevitt 
Textiles and Encaustic

Postcard I bought made by Susan for the Conference sponsoring



lijst materialen volgt zsm

deze workshop wordt gesponsord door R&F handmade paints USA