vol / fullWorkout with Colour:

Exploring Design with paper collage with Linda Colsh

Using printed and painted papers along with other materials, this design class presents colour work and how to design with colour, while simultaneously emphasizing "the value of value" in composition.  Students will complete a variety of exercises using simple, easy paper collage techniques to explore the elements of design.  All of the ideas and principles learned in working with paper images can be applied at home to working with cloth. 

For those who have digital cameras and home computers with printers, information will be given about ways to use the collages made in class on fabric.  If time permits, medium transfer of images will be presented.

Spoken language: English.
This class is for all levels.

Inschrijven niet mogelijk

Pls bring the following:
General supplies:
1 roll kitchen plastic clingfilm
Baking paper
Hairdryer & extension cord (max 1000/1200 watt)
Scissors (paper)
Notebook or paper for writing notes
Paper towels, sponge, apron, rubber gloves, trash bag
2-3 complete newspapers
Optional: rotary cutter, matte & ruler

Collage supplies:
Color & black & white images: laser copier images, magazine images, newspaper
images, photos, old music or book pages, text...plus 2 whole magazines
Bits of ephemera (ticket stubs, shopping lists, receipts, ribbon,...)
Thin papers (tracing paper, mulberry paper, lutradur...)
2-3 glue sticks & 1 bottle white glue (Pritt or equiv)
Double-stick tape & scotch tape
Hard rubber roller
Plastic sprayer bottle
Permanent marker pens
Acrylic paints (your choice of colors, brands: Liquitex Basics, Amsterdam,....)
Acrylic medium (matte preferred, glossy okay; liquid preferred, gel okay)
Paper/cardboard (Bristol, aquarelle, etc) for backings--at least 1 A4 Bristol paper pad
4-6 sponge brushes & 1 small bristle brush & 1 bristle brush about 2cm
for water & mixing paints: jars, pots, styrofoam vegetable trays, plastic spoons