Karina van Vught, born 22 Juli 1951, living in Tilburg (N.Br.) The Netherlands.

Organiser of workshops and distributor of materials related to Textiles and Surface Design.

Started in 1986 with painting and printing on silk under the name of Zijdelings. Used techniques: action painting, batik, shibori, rollerprinting, blockprinting and screenprinting. At the same time started importing and selling silks and silk paints as well as giving courses and workshops painting on silk for beginners and more advanced students. After some time there was so much interest in taking these classes that we expanded our offer with other silk related workshops for which we invited guest teachers who were specialising in certain techniques. Also our product range grew rapidly and changed accordingly.

The last years however the interest for silk painting almost disappeared, new trends came up and the emphasis is now on manipulating and distorting both natural and synthetic fibers. Old techniques like felting or fulling, white and coloured discharge, lye crimping and burn out(devore or ausbrenner) came into fashion again. Causing a shift of accent from workshops in silk painting into more specialised surface design workshops for advanced and intermediate level.

In  Januari 2002 Zijdelings has moved to a new location where all activities take place right now. The studio is close to the Textile Museum (5 min. walking distance) and a working arrangement was made with the Museum to set up workshops and lectures for them as well which are related to exhibitions and/or the digital equipment in their TextileLab. New and advanced techniques like digital printing, laser, embroidery, knitting and weaving were integrated into the workshop program. These classes were held at the computerized equipment at the Museum. Unfortunately the museum changed directions as per 1/1 2012 and no longer offers workshops anymore.

Meanwhile Zijdelings has set up a specialised (web)shop where you can order fabrics, scarves, fibres, dyes and paints, books etc. online. We invite you to visit our online shop but you are also welcome to visit our Studio/Shop at the Kapelstraat nr 93A. You can have a look and ask your questions in person while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. But please, make an appointment first!